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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is your most popular package: 
Our most popular package is Package 2.  I Rodney (owner), personally film and edit all my weddings.  In Package 2 I bring an assistance/camera operator.  The final product of Package 2 includes Raw Footage, a Highlight Video, and an edited video of the Full Ceremony, Speeches, (First Look), and (Interviews)*.

Who picks the music?
Music licensing and copy write laws have become very strict. The music that we use in our wedding films has to be paid for and licensed.  We are legally unable to utilize top chart songs.  To license a top chart song would cost upwards of $10,000.  The primary websites we use to license our music is through:, and  We spend countless hours filtering through the best songs that match you as a couple and the vibe of the wedding day.  For that reason, we select the songs in your wedding film.  

How long until I receive my video?
I, Rodney (Owner and Lead videographer), personally edit every wedding film we cover.  Many other companies outsource their wedding videographers and editors to random individuals who have had no direct contact with the couple.  These outsourced editors were not present on the wedding day.  Hidden within the footage may be a clip that I know will be truly special to you, while the outsourced editor will simply overlook it.  Since I edit and lead every wedding we cover, Camera Kidd Films can promise constancy in our quality and design.   
During a typical wedding, Camera Kidd Films will spend 10-12 hours at multiple locations using multiple cameras and audio recording devices.  We typically end up with 120-200 Gigabytes of Raw footage. This is around 250-300 video clips, not including the seven different sources of audio.  I put so much time going through each clip to provide you the best-personalized film possible.  With that said, I typically complete each video within 2-4 months depending on how early in the season your wedding date occurs.  

Do you use a Drone?
We try to incorporate aerial footage in all of our wedding films.  We primarily use it as you see drones used in the movies; which is to show a wide elevated angle of the location(s) of your wedding.  We have to follow FAA guidelines; in some cases, we are legally unable to fly due to being within a Controlled Airspace.  In that case, we try and use stock drone footage and other drone footage that will suit your wedding film. 

What is Raw Footage:  
Every package includes Raw Footage.  Raw Footage is all the unedited video and audio files recorded throughout the entire day.  A typical 6-minute highlight video will only include approximately 15% of all of the video captured throughout the entire day.  The raw video files will be completely unedited, but having the Raw Footage will still allow you go back and view special moments captured throughout the entire day.

How early do you start and when do you typically finish?
We typically start when bride is almost done with her hair and makeup.  Our day will be end approximately 30-40 minutes after all events are completed at the reception. Some guest are hesitant to dance if they know they are being filmed, although we are discrete.  After about 30-40 minutes of party dancing, we let you and your guests enjoy themselves for the rest of the night.

How do you work with photographers:
Great! Communication is key.  I always speak with the photographer(s) before all major events to ensure that we will not be in each other’s shots.  I use telephoto lenses during the ceremony and reception, which allows me to be unseen by your guests and out of the way of your photographer(s).  I have worked with countless photographers, so I know a variety of different poses that can aid in the quality of your images and video footage.  

How will I receive my final product?
Every highlight video is uploaded to Youtube, unless you wish to keep it private.  Modern televisions have YouTube apps that will allow you to watch your film in the highest quality possible.  You will further receive a hard drive in the mail with all the raw footage and Digital copies of your film(s).

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